In 1964, Oberlin Filter introduced the fully automatic OPF filter as a solution for an extremely wide range of filtration tasks. Since then, the company has produced and delivered several thousand filters.

Oberlin coolant filters

For maximum filtrate purities and ultra-dry filter cake, Oberlin provides filter systems with surface area from 0.2m² to 20m² and flow rates from 50 l /min to 10,000 l /min.

OPF filters aid manufacturers of of engine and transmission components, anti-friction bearings, turbines, knives, implants, insulators and compressor screws to achieve the highest quality standards. At the same time offering significant potential savings to all end users.

Your benefits

  • Maximum filtrate purity
  • Fully automatic
  • High efficiency / low operating costs
  • Versatile use
  • Very low maintenance expenditure
  • Long-lasting