Cleaner oil for better products

Oberlin filter systems help you to increase the productivity of your fryer and to enhance the products own taste. The Oberlin filtration technology removes particles down to 1 micron.

Particles, which fall off of the product during frying, carbonize in the fryer and pollute the frying oil. These contaminations reduce the quality and the products own taste. At the same time they significantly increase your production costs.

Polluted oil must be changed more frequently and increases wear. This means frequent downtimes of the fryer and additional energy and labor costs.

On-Line Filtration

  • Efficiently removes solids down to 1 micron
  • Crumb and fine removal will improve:
    • products own taste will be enhanced
    • constant product color
    • reduction of free fatty acids
  • Automatically indexes without operator intervention
  • Reduces buildup in fryer and heat exchangers
  • Filtration at frying temperature (max. 220°C)

Free Fatty Acid Removal

  • Free fatty acid removalRemove FFA’s down to 0.07%
  • Can recover oils with up to 0.9% FFA
  • Works with most oils
  • Eliminate rendering
  • Possibilty of fully autmatic, unattended operation